No More Phishing Emails!

No More Phishing Emails!

Are you looking for an archive, e- discovery and security filtering solution for Office 365?

In today’s business environment, archiving email has become a necessity for companies of all sizes, but small to mid-sized businesses often face unique challenges when it comes to IT resources and budget. Email communications and attachments need to be preserved and protected. When archived, emails are kept safe and can be easily retrieved to reduce disruption to your customers and business functions.

SafeMail helps you manage your data and maintain easy access for discovery purposes. It does this while reducing costs and freeing you from storage limits.

SafeMail powered by Safefort provides:

– Email Archiving & Forensic Search
– E-discovery with Unlimited Storage
– Email Security
– Email Encryption & DLP
– Email Threat Protection

Join us on Monday 17/01/2022 @ 11:30 and discover SafeMail. A powerfull email security solution by Safefort!

When: Monday, 17/01/2022
Time: 11:30

The session will be in Greek

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