Expert Security Solutions Provider

SafeFort is a leading cyber security solution provider in Cyprus, focused on providing solutions to companies based on our unique Holistic 360 approach.

  • Managed Security Services
  • Phishing Training Platform
  • Managed Firewall Solutions
  • User awareness training
  • User behavior Analytics
  • EDR Solutions
  • Data Leakage Solution
  • Security Monitoring
  • Vulnerabilty Management
  • MFA Authentication
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Innovative Cyber Security Solutions for SMB and Enterprise Companies

SafeFort has implemented over 500 Next Generation Firewall in Cyprus, from SMB to Large Enterprise customers. Firewall is the most crucial security layer in a corporate network and most of the times it’s configured using basic or factory default settings. Our team of expert security engineers will ensure that your new Next Gen Firewall will get configured based on the results of the risk assessment and the business needs.

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The enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creates a new requirement for the security of the data. As a result, a Data Leakage Platform (DLP) is a mandatory solution for detecting and preventing the exposure of sensitive information and the exfiltration of Intellectual Property. With the new norm of Remote workers and the rapid adoption of a Cloud solution, our DLP is the best fit for all companies.

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Passwords are not considered as a secure method of authentication. All the passwords can get cracked in some minutes, hours, days, months or years. Once an attacker manages to find the correct combination of username and passwords can get access to the email service, and the corporate network. The answer to this challenge is an MFA solution which will require an additional step of authentication apart from the password.

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Representing over 50% of all email traffic, spam is the most intrusive method cyber criminals use to introduce malware and viruses into corporate systems. But in addition to the danger of infection with ransomware, spyware or a cryptominer, important workflows can also be interrupted by the annoying flood of unwanted spam emails. Our solutions offers the highest detection rate on the market, with 99.9% guaranteed spam detection and 99.99% virus detection.

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Organizations that must comply with industry regulations or frameworks such as PCI (Payment Card Initiative), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), the Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements, NIST or ISO usually deliver security awareness training to all employees once or perhaps twice a year. Security awareness training is a form of education that seeks to equip members of an organization with the information they need to protect themselves and their organization's assets from loss or harm.

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Our Approach To Security

SafeFort helps organisations take advantage of digitalisation and innovative new technologies while managing security risks.

  • Risk Analysis – Assessment

    Before evaluating a new solution, SafeFort will perform an assessment of the current solutions and an analysis of the risk vector of the companies. Through this approach we will defined what kind of improvements are needed.

  • Review and Hardening

    Factory default settings are forbidden by our ethics! Our customers trust us, because we offer maximum security protection, based on hardenings, evaluation and review of configured policies.

  • Continues Monitoring

    Through our Managed Security Services we ensure that your security systems are always updated, properly configured and capable to reflect on modern threats!

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SafeFort has established strong business relationships with some of the leading cyber security solution worldwide.