Breach and Attack Simulation

#1 Leader in Breach & Attack Simulation

Gain real-time visibility to know and control the dynamic business and cyber security environment you operate in



Security Spend


Prioritize spend based on validated
risk, evaluate alternatives fast and
objectively, measure the improvement.


Validation & Optimization


Automated purple teaming to
assure security control efficacy
against threat evolutions.


Vulnerability Management


Prioritize remediation based on
attackable vulnerabilities.                                                                                             

Attack Vectors & Modules

Email Gateway

Validate your defenses againts thousands of malicious email constructs, attachments, and links.

Web Gateway

Validate your defenses against malicious inbound, outbound web browsing, command and control.

Web App Firewall

Validate your defenses against web application attacks, including OWASP top ten.

Endpoint Security

Validate detection and prevention of endpoint ATT&CK TTPs including ransomware, worms, and more.

Data Exfiltration

Validate that sensitive and critical data cannot be exfiltrated from the organization.

Immediate Threat Intelligence

Validate your defenses against the latest cyber-attacks found in the wild, updated daily.

Full Kill-Chain APT

Validate your defenses against APT attack scenarios e.g., Fin8, APT38, Lazarus and custom scenarios.

Continuously Challenge

Assess and optimize your security
architecture end-to-end to effectively
confront threat evolutions and protect
the shifting attack surface.

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