Malware Audit

Free 30days Malware Audit

Ensure your environment is free of malware and Advanced Threats, that are undetectable by your endpoint security solution!

The Power of Visibility

In the wake of the high number of sophisticated attacks it’s clearer than ever that organizations need to seriously evaluate their security and consider new technologies for protecting the endpoints. In combination of the sophisticated attacks, an increase on targeted attacks has ben observed in Cyprus. In this cases the attackers using living of the land techniques are trying to avoid the detection from Antivirus solutions.

SafeFort is utilizing Adaptive Defense by Panda Security which can get installed with any Antivirus solution and provide a comprehensive report of potential risks on the endpoints.  

Adaptive Defense has made detections in 100% of the environments in which it has been installed, regardless of the protection solution in place. 

The  audit can be seamlessly enabled, allowing in-depth monitoring and reporting on endpoints. Reports can be drawn at any time and the audit will run for 30 days.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Malware Audit is applicable for corporate customers using any security solution except Panda.

2. A lightweight Agent will be installed on the selected endpoints that will monitor all the actions taken and every running process on the audited endpoints.

3. The agent will work simultaneously with your existing endpoint security solution.

4. After the 30 days of the Malware Audit, the lightweight agent will automatically get uninstalled from your endpoints.