World Password Day May 5, 2022

World Password Day May 5, 2022

The World Password Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of May each year according to the National Calendar. As cybercrime continues to rise and the associated risks become increasingly complex, the importance of keeping your password safe has arguably never been more prevalent. 

To mark World Password Day, SafeFort sharing the most common passwords in Cyprus (information from Mr. Charis Florides presentation delivered during Bsides Cyprus 2019) and  tips on how to keep your passwords secure.

Common Passwords in Cyprus

15% – Football teams 


11% – Cities

larnaca, nicosia1234, lemesos

6% Same Username & Password

Username: andreas

Password: andreas!

3% Common passwords

1234, password, qwerty

2% Cypriot names

Andreas1234, Michalis!!

Cybercriminals use sophisticated software that can run thousands of password combinations a minute, and their tools are only getting better. 

A password of 8 standard letters contains 209 billion possible combinations, but a computer is able to calculate this instantly. Adding one upper case letter to a password dramatically alters a computer’s potential to crack a password, extending it to 22 minutes. Having a long mix of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers is the best way make your password more secure. A 12-character password containing at least one upper case letter, one symbol and one number would take 34,000 years for a computer to crack.

Keeping your passwords secure

Double the character length: It may not be rocket science but increasing the length of your passwords increases its complexity. 

Multi-factor authentication: Authentication is the cornerstone of good security, and multi-factor authentication means users must provide at least one additional token on top of their password to log into an account. 

Regularly change your passwords and keep them unique: Another simple yet effective tactic. Continually switch up the letters, numbers, punctuation, and compositions that you use to minimise your passwords being compromised

Be unobvious: It’s tempting to use names of family, friends, pets, important dates, and personal interests as your passwords. However, these are some of the easiest combinations to guess. Think outside the box – the stranger the better!

Use a password manager: Many products give you increased password security, regular prompts, and the luxury of not needing to rely solely on your memory. 

Cybercriminals will continue to conspire against individuals and organisations in an attempt to gain access to private data. It’s clear that more attention should be paid to the vulnerabilities that exist in our password management habits. 

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