Let us traing your users!

Let us traing your users!

Let’s create a strong Human Firewall!

Safefort launches a new service focused on the training of users regarding Cybersecurity. Employess should be educated in the realm of cybersecurity (and trained accordingly) because a security threat cannot be avoid or reported if it is not recognized! This seems obvious but you’de be suprised. 

The most common threat is caused by human error and is the main reason cyber trainings exists. Let’s face it: We all make mistakes and have dealt with some type of hack.

We’ll cover human error along with what else needs to taught in an efficient cyber security trainings program.

Our security awareness workshops are tailromaded for each organization, and can be delivered on-site or through web.

It’s not just a training session …

We will phish/test your users, and educated them based on real phishing scenario that will receive prior the training.

Subjects covered: Phishing attacks, Hacking, Basic concepts of Information Security, Online security, Email security, Physical security, Password security, ransomware, Cyber spying, social media and security, Social engineering, malware, Travel safety and more.

After the training we will repeat the phishing tests, to evaluate the results.

Training session total time: 2:00 hours

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