Webinar: Turn your employees into a human firewall

Webinar: Turn your employees into a human firewall

Almost 90% of the data breaches are caused by humans. Despite that the companies are investing in several security solutions ignorance of human resources would leave a significant gap in the defense strategy.

Modern hackers are using targeted phishing emails that appears as valid, trying to manipulate the user, while the security protection layers cannot always block those kinds of cyberattacks. 

Cybersecurity awareness trainings would be a coercive defense to build a strong human firewall

Not only will help the companies to transform their human resources into the first line of defense, but it will also help organizations comply with several regulations that require a user awareness training program to be in place.

Join us on Thursday, October 14 @ 11:00 to discover our unique solutions that would help you to make your “Human Firewall” stronger.

Date: Thursday, October 14
Time: 11:00
The session will be in Greek.

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